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Special constructions


Not all the systems, the equipment, the facilities are available at the counter or are readily accessible on the market. To obtain a product customized to his operational needs the acquirer shall identify a company that combines knowledge of mechanical plants, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, electronic, with strong roots within the naval field , in the regulations of the Classification Registers, in its various aspects.
This is the space where we recognize ourselves better and better we move.

Separator systems for cooling the propeller shaft bearings, hydraulic and pneumatic clutches, air dryer for automatism, heat exchanger modules, hydrophore modules, boilers, oil heaters, manual compressors modules, anti-freezing systems, diesel fuel storage facilities, anti-pollution modules, lubrication modules, Diesel emergency stop, deactiving tanks, units for the pressing of water lines, quick release remote control valves, flushing oil facilities, valves maneuvering by Cardan joint or Teleflex, anti shock level gauges, Main Engines cooling skids, heating systems for swimming pools, hydraulic handling of hatch covers and cargo access equipment (CAE), hydraulic handling of watertight doors and dampers, power plants for retractable thruster, air blowing plants, are some of the topics covered by our activities.

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Anti pollution system
Compressed and breathable air system
Refrigerating Skids