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With a well-structured and solid network of outsourcing and backsourcing, we offer clients a turnkey service for installations and systems, something which customer can rarely find ready “at the counter” on the market.

Each one of our products is designed for a specific use within industry, steel working or shipbuilding, and is the result of technical consultations with the client, combined with high-performance technology and the innovative work of our staff, always in compliance with national and international standards for the sector.


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Our aim is customer satisfaction, but also our own personal gratification in having created or helped to create, often with the invaluable collaboration of the Faculty of Engineering, a prototype, a specialised application for an industrial procedure, or a piece of equipment which is successful in completing a new task or resolving a problem.

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Leader in high-precision, powerful hydraulic and pneumatic systems


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Verifying the adequacy with respect to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards.
Quality and competence
Ensuring ongoing development of our Quality Control System and the continuous training of our staff in terms of market variables, new technologies and quality standards
Guaranteeing a constant level of maintenance of the systems, through a wide flexibility both in on-site assistance and “service” contracts.