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Pecol designs and manufactures a complete range of:

  • NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) proof dampers used in military ships providing protection from contamination with radioactive, biological or chemical substances
  • Fire dampers used to protect the ship from fire penetrating from the ventilation duct
  • Watertight dampers preventing water overflowing
  • Smokeproof dampers provide protection from smoke penetrating from the ventilation duct
  • Vent and suction dampers designed for ventilation and suction of engines and auxiliary rooms

Depending on their purposes, materials used are alloy and stainless steel.
They can be hydraulic or pneumatic controlled and can be provided with electrical actuators, hydraulic power unit (HPU) and metal grid for protections, if required.

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NBC Dampers

PECOL Ltd. since 1978 designs, builds and installs on board of naval military units, NBC dampers, anti shock, non magnetic, watertight to a flow of air up to an hydrostatic head of 1,500 mm H2O, divided into two types:
• fixed dampers
• swivel dampers

The fixed dampers can be housed either inside a ventilation duct, both at its root, in the vicinity of the air intakes, or of the filters NBC, or directly on the superstructure according to the characteristics of radar protection of the ship.

The swivel dampers are pre-arranged in factory with female clevis, both on left than right side, for installation on a frame welded to the superstructure, through male hinges.

They can rotate either towards the external or to the inner of the ship

Smokeproof Dampers
Suction and vent dampers
NBC dampers water tight 6mt water wall and command boards – installation on offshore platform